Why Carbon Arrows Are Way Better Than Aluminum

Basit Ali Chaudhary

Although aluminum arrows may appear initially to be a cheaper option than carbon arrow shafts, they are hardly able to hold up against the long-term performance and effectiveness that comes with carbon arrows. Carbon has the upper hand in strength and durability, since it is especially tough and resistant to damage; this gives archers confidence that their shots will fly true as well as land exactly where they were aiming. Additionally, outfitted with lightweight carbon fiber, arrows bend less from wind drag, making them more accurate and reliable-once again favorable qualities of carbon compared to aluminum. For all these reasons and more, choosing carbon for Arrows is without a doubt the better option for avid archers seeking power and performance.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why carbon arrows are way better than aluminum, so lets get started.

Types of Arrows and their Material

When it comes to archery, the type and material of arrow used are incredibly important factors that determine one’s success. Typically, arrows come in three main types; wood, carbon, and  aluminum. Carbon arrows use lighter materials, making them more accurate but powerful while hunting, providing a great choice for both Olympic competitions and casual bow hunter practice.
Carbon is becoming more commonly used today for shooting due to its strength and aerodynamics allowing for high speed trajectories, but wood or aluminum are still very popular because of their affordability and maneuverability.


aluminum arrows

While aluminum arrows are typically more affordable and less delicate than wood, they are not completely indestructible. Aluminum shafts can bend or get damaged from hard impacts or mishandling, making them difficult to reuse. This makes them highly suitable for high-level indoor shooting or beginner bow users who might have more difficulty in handling an arrow that can easily break. As a result, aluminum arrows are popular with the beginner archer, looking for something relatively inexpensive but still durable to use while mastering their skills.


wooden arrows

Wooden arrows remain a popular choice among traditional archers particularly those shooting hardcore style recurve bows. Their wood shafts allow for easy customization, meaning they can be tailored to whatever draw weight an archer needs, and fletched with feathers to reach top flight.
They are also more forgiving than fiberglass or carbon fiber arrows which makes them great entry-level arrows as well. Although not suitable for compound bow shooters due to the increased tension of their draw weights, wooden arrows are more ideal for traditional archer looking for that special flight of a perfect shot.


carbon arrows

Carbon arrows are becoming a popular choice for many archers due to their optimal strength and light weight. Crafted out of reinforced plastic and carbon fiber, these arrows are ideal for mid-distance shooting and 3D archery. By having properties that allow them to return to their original shape after being bent, this makes them superior compared to aluminum arrows used with recurve and compound bows. Since carbon arrows are renowned for their resilience and overall durability, it’s no wonder why avid archers have made them their weapon of choice on the field!

What are carbon arrows made out of?

They are constructed from carbon fibers and resin, which makes them lightweight yet rugged enough to withstand the rigors of regular use. Furthermore, the spine of
these arrows is typically stiffer than those of aluminum or fiberglass shafts, which gives them better penetration capabilities on the target. A great benefit when accuracy matters the most. Carbon arrows also maintain their shape much better than aluminum or fiberglass arrows, meaning they will last longer and require fewer replacements over time. This makes them a great value for any
archer who is looking for an arrow that can consistently perform at its best.

8 Reasons Why Carbon Arrows are better than Aluminum Arrows

1- Carbon arrows offer a significant advantage over aluminum ones due to their more robust composition. This sturdiness makes them far less likely to twist or break when coming into contact with hard surfaces and the impact of being released from a bow. These long-lasting arrows could very well be seen as an investment, not only in terms of cost but also in terms of savings on time and frustration related to quick wear-and-tear that might occur with aluminum alternatives. Furthermore,

2-When it comes to accuracy in shooting arrows, nothing beats carbon. The combination of lightweight design and superior strength gives them excellent speed and stability in flight—a
must-have if you want consistent accuracy from shot to shot.

3-Carbon arrows bring a distinct advantage to hunters because they are so lightweight. Compared to aluminum arrows, carbon arrows are a dream to carry in the field because of their feather-like weight, especially when hiking long distances into the wild for a hunt.

4-Thinner than aluminum alternatives, they travel faster and offer a better penetration rate – which can be critical in hunting scenarios. Not to mention, target archers will enjoy the added speed
and accuracy that comes with a carbon arrow.

5-Carbon arrows have an advantage over aluminum arrows; they have a faster recovery time. Why should you care, as a bowhunter? Well, when bends and yaws are absorbed more quickly by a carbon
arrow than their aluminum counterparts, it makes tuning your bow much easier. You’ll be able to make those adjustments with more accuracy, ensuring that the weight of the arrow and spine remain consistent.

6-If you’re an archer that has ever been stuck shooting in windy conditions, carbon arrows are the solution you’ve been looking for. Thanks to their extra weight and super-sturdy construction, they can absorb more of the wind’s force without deviating from their path. Carbon arrows can even be shot much faster than other types of arrows, making them a great choice.

7-Carbon also has superior shock-absorbing properties over aluminum, so your shots will be smoother and quieter with less hand shock. This makes them ideal for targeting game animals, where the slightest vibration could cause your target to take flight before you hit it.

8-In addition to all of that, since they come with smaller diameters than aluminum shafts (which usually carry heavier points), they provide a more consistent balance when released from your bow string—and that translates into even greater accuracy downrange! 

Pros and cons of aluminum arrows


  • Varity of spine choices
  • Price is reasonable
  • Known for hunting
  • Can be shot from any bow


  • May bend easily
  • Heavier than carbon bows

Pros and cons of carbon arrows


  • Perfect for flat shooting
  • Easy to straighten if bent
  • Deviates less in heavy winds


  • More expensive
  • Accessories are more harder to find
  • May crack and break

Sum Up

Aluminum arrows are an ideal entry point into archery if you’re just starting out, or if you’re budget-conscious. Because they are quite durable and easy to use, they can be great for recreational shooting. However, carbon arrows certainly have their advantages; they offer improved accuracy and flight stability along with increased durability in comparison to their aluminum counterparts. Though carbon arrows cost more initially, they tend to last much longer than aluminum ones in the end, making them a wise investment for even novice archers.

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