What is Archery Tag?

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Archery tag is a recreational sport where opponents shoot at each other with bows and arrows tipped with foam heads. 

Archery tag requires no prior experience in handling bows and arrows, as the bows are designed to be used even by beginners.

It’s a game of strategy and skill, combining elements of dodgeball, paintball, and tag. The resulting high-energy game provides an adrenaline rush for players of all ages – perfect for birthday parties, school events or corporate gatherings. Best of all, it’s totally safe and fun!

Archery has seen a drastic rise in popularity over the years, and one major factor contributing to this is the diversity of activities it offers. 

Archery Tag Game- Overview

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Playing Zones

Archery tag is played between two teams. There are three zones in the field. Two zones are occupied by each team on the left and the right size, and the third zone is in the center and is named as a neutral or safe zone.

The purpose of the safe zone is to allow the players to collect stray arrows.  

It is essential that players only fire upon one another when they are in their own team’s respective attack zone. 

Additionally, it must be noted that no player can deliberately hit another player who is standing in the safe zone. 

Each attack zone includes big obstacles located in strategic locations which players can use for cover from enemy fire. 

The players must also stay within the boundary area of the field. The players can’t hit others if he is in the safe zone. In order to hit a player, he must be in his active or attack zone. 

Players on each side

This variation on paintball-style games consists of teams of six players, with equal numbers on opposing sides separated by a Safe Zone at the center. However, you can also play with four or five players on each side.

Archery Tag is an exciting and thrilling game that has been designed specifically for team-building and action-packed recreation. 

Players will utilize bows and foam-tipped arrows to eliminate targets from across the arena. 

Game Objective

There are primarily two types of tag archery games. One is played in league style, and the other is played in elimination style.

The aim is to get all other players out or score the highest points in the limited time frame. The total game time can vary but it normally ranges from 3 rounds, and each round extends to 8 mins. 

Points Criteria

League Style Archery

Points are awarded based on a few different criteria; for example, if you hit another player with an arrow, you get 1 point, but 2 points can be earned if you shoot out the opposing team’s five-spot target. 

The most impressive feat – and the highest score – is when a player catches an arrow in mid-flight and is rewarded with 3 points.

If a player remains in the safe zone for more than 10 seconds, it can cause him a deduction of 2 points. If this is repeated, it will result in further deduction of points.

Elimination Style

Elimination Style rules are incredibly popular in the game of archery. The rules are very simple: if you get hit by an opponent’s arrow or if your arrow is caught by an opposing player, you’re out. 

Elimination style tag archery follows a simple set of rules: one team has to completely eliminate their opponents before time. 

If the time expires before either team can achieve this goal, then victory is determined by which team still has more players in the game.

Safety Rules

All safety equipment must be worn properly during play, including face masks, arm guards, and finger tab protectors, to ensure play is safe yet exhilarating. 

Tag archery battle is a uniquely thrilling game and is a completely safe experience if everyone follows the rules of the instructors provided and wears proper protective gear – no one should shoot an arrow at a distance closer than seven meters from other players. 

This will help to avoid any unnecessary injuries, as safety remains the top priority. 

The referee present in the field is also there for your protection – they’ll provide clear guidance so that all participants have an enjoyable time without having to put their or anyone else’s well-being at risk of suffering any kind of harm. 

Tag Archery Bow Guide

It is advised to use specific tag archery bows only. Although the arrows are foam-tipped, hunting bows have a minimum draw weight of 60-65 pounds, and the arrow shot by such draw weight can hit you hard even if it is foam-tipped.

A standard combat archery bow is designed to make sure an archer doesn’t strain their muscles, as well as allow them to access the same level of power on each shot. Typically, they have a draw weight of around 20-25 pounds, making them easy to use without extensive training or experience. This ensures that archers can take full advantage of their own skill and accuracy while staying at a comfortable level of exertion. 

Tag Archery Arrow Guide

Getting your arrows right is one of the most important aspects of combat archery, so investing in quality arrows is essential. 

The arrow tips must have foam padding around them to cushion the impact and prevent injury. 

Sure, cheaper versions are available on the web, but it’s worth spending a bit more to get something that’s fit for purpose and properly regulated. 

Quality-made combat arrows give you peace of mind when you’re in full battle mode, and they’ll last longer, too – it’s a win-win situation!

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