Do Deer Eat Oranges?

Basit Ali Chaudhary

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are eaten by deer, even though they’re not their top choice. During the winter, deer often visit gardens and orchards with limited food sources. Despite what we think, they do enjoy citrus fruits up to a certain point. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so oranges become part of the deer diet when all other food is gone, like grasses, small plants, apples, carrots, pears, and plums. 

We have to admit that sometimes starving deer appreciate oranges even though they raid gardens for berries and veggies. Deer will happily take apples or similarly softer-skinned fruits from your garden if the opportunity arises.

Do Deer Eat Tangerines?


Tangerines are unique citrus fruit, and many animals love them. Deer are one of those animals that love tangerines. The deer food list is quite extensive, and they eat a variety of food, including leaves, grasses, vegetables, and certain types of fruits, including oranges and tangerines. 

Domesticated animals and wild animals alike enjoy citrus fruit, and these fruits are also much easier for deer to digest than hard food or tough-skinned fruits. It is important to remember that while deer may gravitate towards oranges just as humans do, they should not be fed oranges regularly as oranges and tangerines are not their prime diet but just a sweet treat. 

Nutritional Facts for Oranges For Deer

Oranges aren’t just tasty treats; they’re also packed with nutrients. In addition to having very little fat and protein, oranges are also relatively low in calories and mostly composed of carbs. 

There is a significant amount of vitamin C in oranges which helps to improve deer’s immune system. Plus, oranges pack around 10% of their daily fiber needs, which helps keep them regular and fuels their gut bacteria. 

Vitamins are usually part of metabolic enzyme systems, so deer need them. Vitamin deficiency can cause different symptoms depending on what vitamin is missing – like night blindness for lack of vitamin A, rickets for lack of vitamin D, and scurvy for lack of vitamin C. All of these can negatively impact the health of deer and even affect their survival.

Note: Despite all these nutritional benefits of oranges, these should be fed to deer in a very moderate way. Because overconsumption of citric acid by deer can be harmful for their stomach. 

Can you Feed Deer Oranges?

In North America, deer are one of the most commonly encountered mammals, and their dietary preferences play an important role in our interactions with them. Most people think deer will just eat whatever you put in front of them, but there are a few things they shouldn’t eat for safety reasons. 

Oranges are generally safe for deer consumption, but you should know their dietary needs to be able to understand what should be fed to them. Deer won’t reject an orange if you offer it to them, but the high citric acid content could make its digestive system work harder. Instead of hand-feeding a wild animal, something that isn’t naturally found in its environment, stick to providing plants and vegetation like grasses and shrubs that deer actually require for sustenance.

How to Feed Oranges to Deer?

Deer can eat entire oranges, including the peel. But it’s better to cut oranges into smaller pieces with a knife so they can eat and swallow easily.

Deer cant reach the tall trees, so they will eat any oranges fallen on the ground. While feeding oranges to deer, the size of the orange doesn’t matter, but it’s better to cut them into smaller pieces so they can swallow them easily. Also, consider how many oranges you’re trying to feed each deer, as overfeeding is not a good idea, and deer can suffer from stomach upset. It’s better and safe to feed 3-4 oranges at a single time. 

It is important to note that orange peels contain a large amount of fiber, which, in large quantities, can be difficult for deer to digest. Also, don’t be intrusive when placing the oranges on the ground; make sure they are in view and within reach of deer. 

Do Deer Eat Orange Peels?

Orange peels are a good snack for deer, and they do prefer to eat orange peels. Deer are naturally curious animals and will often eat a wide variety of food, even things many humans wouldn’t think of as edible such as orange peels.

Orange peels offer valuable nutrition to these animals with their rich content of vitamins and minerals. They also provide essential oils and an antimicrobial boost for deer. Not just deer enjoy eating orange peels alone; most animals tend to love them too!

Do Deer Eat Orange Tree Leaves?

Deer will eat any type of tree leaves, and orange tree leaves are no exception. In fact, orange tree leaves are considered a favorite food for deer as well. They are more likely towards their prime source of food. Not only does it provide nutrition, but it also provides plenty of health benefits for them. These leaves contain pectin fiber that helps regulate blood flow in their body and is also enriched in antibacterial properties. This makes them an attractive choice for deer, and they will eat them each season when they are available. They make an easy source of nutrition, especially when other food sources may be scarce.

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