A Complete Guide for Bow Grip

Basit Ali Chaudhary

Bow grip simply means the way an archer keeps a bow stand in his hand before he shoots an arrow. It is one of the essentials of archery, and a poor grip will result in inaccurate shots and poor execution.

An archer must have a firm hold over the bow that is neither too tight nor too loose. As this plays a crucial role in every form of archery, whether you are hitting by long bow, recurve bow, or compound bow.

A bow grip is the part of the bow that your hand holds onto. It is important to have a comfortable grip in order to shoot accurately and safely. The grip should extend into the palm of your hand, as this will allow for more control when releasing the arrow. 

So, in order to achieve efficiency in archery, It is important that a bow grip should be designed or chosen in accordance with the size and shape of the archer’s hand. 

In this article, I will discuss in detail how to correctly grip a bow and how you can find a consistent way to hold your bow. I will also highlight how you can improve your bow grip and what is the best bow grip position.

So, let’s begin.

How to Grip a Bow?

Start by ensuring the grip fits comfortably in the palm of your hand with some pressure felt against the side of the thumb. Adjust it until you find a comfortable position that allows you to hold it without excessive tension. Your grip should also be secure enough to prevent any slipping while shooting, so make sure it’s tight enough when you draw back on the string. 

The direction of the force of the hand should be placed between the thumb and forefinger, and this central part should be placed in the center of the bow grip. The power direction of the grip must be in the center of the target.

If the central line of the hand and bow grip is not the same, the bow hand may slide towards the left on the grip while extending. And when this happens, the space between the bow arm and bow string becomes wider, and hence the angle of direction at full draw will change.

Relaxation is also the key here when aiming; try not to tense up and don’t hold the bow too tight, as this will affect accuracy. Lastly, practice will improve your grip, so stay calm and practice with dedication.

Regularly firing arrows at a target will help build muscle memory, proper technique, and accuracy.

How to Find a Consistent Bow Grip

A proper hold may seem minor and insignificant, and beginners often underestimate the importance of bow grip. A correct and consistent grip is essential for a good archer, as incorrect and improper hand grip is very common, especially in new archers.

For a consistent bow grip, first, make sure that your hand is relaxed. Hold the bow with a firm hand and grab it between slightly curved fingers and a thumb pad. Avoid touching the bow grip with the central bottom part of the hand palm. And finally, use a bow sling for a more balanced shot.

Position of Bow Hand Fingers

As an archer, you must ensure that your fingers are relaxed and stay at a natural angle when you are holding the bow, and they should be slightly curled only.

When your hand is on bow grip, ensure an inclination of 45 degrees with your palm directed towards the ground.

While you take a shot, you should feel the force on the center of the bow grip, not on the fingers. Also, make sure that the outer part of the hand palm should not touch the bow grip, as illustrated in the picture below.

What is a bow sling? Role of bow sling in improving bow grip?

A bow sling is commonly used in order to prevent the bow from falling as a result of sudden movement after the release of the arrow. 

It is recommended to use a bow sling to make a comfortable and correct bow grip; however, beginners often don’t use it as they prefer holding the bow with their fingers, which is not correct practice. If a bow is held with fingers, you won’t be able to get a good hand grip, and it will also affect accuracy. Another problem with holding the bow with fingers is that the bow is likely to move sideways at the time of release, not following the movement in the forward direction.

There are various sling types used by archers, but its best to use a sling that fits on the thumb and forefinger.

If you are a beginner, adopt the habit of using a bow sling so you can start with the correct technique and form. This will help you to push the bow grip without grasping the bow.

What should be the height of the bow grip?

It will depend on archer’s hand. Archers with large hands will have different pressure point heights on bow grip as compared to archers with small hands. 

When an archer is making his personalized bow grip, he should make sure that It will fit his hands, and he should not change the angle of his hand in order to adjust the pressure point height on the bow grip. 

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